This section provides the publicly available CROSSBOW PROJECT outcomes in an order based on their publishing date. Please contact us in case you require further information.

D1.1 Legislation and Regulatory Frameworks

D1.2 Emerging Business Models and Energy Market Models

D1.3 Social and ethical aspects

D2.1 CROSSBOW project requirements definition

D2.2 CROSSBOW Use cases, scenarios and KPIs identification

D2.3 CROSSBOW demo clusters formal analysis

D3.1 CROSSBOW Analysis of Existing Regional Infrastructure and Proposal for a Flexible ICT Architecture

D3.2 Privacy and data protection in a multi-actor environment

D3.3 Standards and Interoperable Data Models

D4.1 CROSSBOW Analysis of the Regional Security Coordination Initiatives and RES Control Centres 1

D5.1 Modelling of non-dispatchable RES and analysis on storage alternatives to support Hybrid RES

D5.2 Assessment of the combination of RES and storage alternatives under the Manager Energy for Hybrid Plants (ME4HP) and REDOX flow battery characterization

D6.1 Analysis of existing infrastructure and feasibility of cross border energy storage

D6.2 – ICT Infrastructure for STO-CC

D7.1 Analysis on distributed energy storage technologies in networks with RES

D7.2 Techno-economic framework and algorithms for advanced coordinated use of distributed storage technologies

D7.3 CROSSBOW Virtual Storage Plant Framework Development

D8.1 Framework of TSO/DSO coordination in the EU and Regional Activities

D8.2 Network supporting tools

D8.4 Cyber Security communication procedures and impact of disruption events

D9.1 Practical approaches to DSM for wide scale roll out

D9.2  DSM suitability for improving cross border issues with increased penetration of RES

D10.1 National balancing and wholesale electricity markets structure and principles

D10.2: Novel balancing and wholesale electricity market design

D11.1 Specifications for cooperative ownership of flexibility assets platform

D11.3 Validation infrastructure report of cooperative ownership of flexibility assets

D12.2 CROSSBOW integrated ecosystem Lab testing

D12.3 CROSSBOW preliminary deployment

D12.4 CROSSBOW final deployment

D13.1 Demonstration activities planning

D13.2 CROSSBOW integrated ecosystem preliminary demonstration

D13.3 CROSSBOW integrated ecosystem final demonstration

D13.4 Data gathering during the demonstration activities

D14.1 Impact assessment and Cost benefit analysis planning

D14.2 Socio-economic and technical Impact assessment of CROSSBOW integrated solution

D15.1 Innovative and effective business models for Transmission Networks

D15.2 Identification and recommendation for local technical and interoperability barriers

D15.3 Identification and recommendation for local nontechnical barriers

D16.1 CROSSBOW Scaling-up and replication roadmap

D16.2 Identification and recommendation for European technical and interoperability barriers

D16.3 Identification and Recommendation for European Non-Technical Barriers

D16.4 CROSSBOW Replication, Market Uptake and Deployment Handbook

D17.2 Data Management Plan

D18.1 Dissemination Master Plan

D18.2 Report on Dissemination Material produced

D18.3 Workshops report

D18.4 Overview of all the exchange activities with related projects

D19.3 CROSSBOW Contribution to standardization