Deliverable D1.3


This section provides the publicly available CROSSBOW PROJECT outcomes in an order based on their publishing date. Please contact us in case you require further information.

D1.3 Social and ethical aspects

The main goal of this document is to examine the social, cultural, and ethical aspects of Smart Grid3 and to address end-consumer/prosumer security, data privacy, equity, and energy poverty. The current trends and challenges of this particular field of interdisciplinary research and development are evaluated with the aim to create a democratic and user-centred European electricity system that will support people’s involvement and empowerment across all stages of Smart Grid growth. Different points of view were considered with the end-consumer/prosumer receiving the most attention. Our propositions and suggestions on the social, cultural, and ethical parameters affecting Smart Grid growth are based on questionnaire data obtained from CROSSBOW’s partner regions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, FYR Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia in SEE.