New video: CROSSBOW scenarios “Transnational Demand Side Management”

29 Apr

New video: CROSSBOW scenarios “Transnational Demand Side Management

This video presents the scenario (high-level use cases) of the CROSSBOW project “Transnational Demand Side Management”. CROSSBOW tackled a scenario where the demand of a specific country cannot be covered with cheap and green energy units – even using units from neighbouring countries. In this situation, instead of activating expensive and polluting production units, big consumers – in the same or in a neighbouring country participating in Demand Side Management (DSM) schemas, were requested to modulate their consumption – e.g. public lighting demand of an entire region, water pumping stations for irrigation. The project analysed the advantages and disadvantages of DSM vs. Storage from both technical and economic (investment) points of view. The demonstrations in this scenario measured the impact of the CROSSBOW CROSSBOW Regional DSM integration platform (DSM-IP), which has been awarded by the European Innovation Radar. This product has been developed by the University of Manchester (United Kingdom).