New video: CROSSBOW scenarios “Virtual Storage Plants”

28 Apr

New video: CROSSBOW scenarios “Virtual Storage Plants

This video presents the scenario (high-level use cases) of the CROSSBOW project “Virtual Storage Plants”. CROSSBOW demonstrates how the coordinated use of a set of smaller geographically dispersed storage units –i.e. a Virtual Storage Plant – can be considered when large storage is not available to absorb the excess of RES production in the same country or in a neighbouring one. In this scenario, a Virtual Storage Plant (VSP) must overcome all the challenges already presented in the scenario “Cross-Border Storage of RES Production/Output”, and also the challenges of coordinating a large number of distributed storage units and the need for close collaboration with DSOs. The project doesn’t only explore how a VSP can be used by RES producers to maximise clean energy penetration, but also how a VSP can be used by system operators to increase grid stability. The demonstrations in this scenario measured the impact of the CROSSBOW Virtual Storage Plants (VSP) which has been awarded by the European Innovation Radar. This product has been developed by the University of Manchester (United Kingdom).