CROSSBOW Final Event

CROSSBOW Horizon 2020 project presented by Manuel Serrano (Project Coordinator)

Helping Transmission System Operators (TSOs)

Member of BRIDGE initiative!

CROSSBOW scenario ``Transnational Demand Side Management``

CROSSBOW scenario ``Virtual Storage Plants``

CROSSBOW scenario ``Cross-Border Storage of RES Production/Output``

CROSSBOW scenario ``Distributed Storage for System Stability and Energy Quality Control``

CROSSBOW scenarios “Cross-Border RES Management & Storage of RES production/output”

CROSSBOW scenario “Hybrid RES Dispatchable Plants”

CROSSBOW scenario “Transnational ancillary and wholesale market”

CROSSBOW scenario “Cooperative ownership of flexibility assets”

CROSSBOW scenario “Regional Operation Centre”

CROSSBOW en español

CROSSBOW project Demostrations on Probabilistic approach for Regional Short-term Adequacy Assessment

CROSSBOW Demonstrations: Transnational Demand Side Management