Deliverable D7.2


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D7.2 Techno-economic framework and algorithms for advanced coordinated use of distributed storage technologies

In this deliverable a set of scenarios is identified and developed based on the operational experience of local Transmission System Operators (TSOs) and on the existing limitations of cross-border power transfer and the associated voltage and frequency regulation issues identified in WP1, as well as on potential challenges resulting from increased penetration of RES in wider geographical regions. Furthermore, a potential of distributed storage technologies (e.g., penetration level, type, size and location of storage at national and regional level) is established for the set of identified scenarios. Advanced algorithms are presented for the cost-effective usage of distributed storage units within a Virtual Storage Plant (VSP), which provides services to the power networks. Numerical studies are carried out using network models to establish the extent to which a coordinated use of multiple distributed storage technologies could contribute to the provision of advanced voltage and frequency regulation services.