Deliverable D10.2


This section provides the publicly available CROSSBOW PROJECT outcomes in an order based on their publishing date. Please contact us in case you require further information.

D10.2: Novel balancing and wholesale electricity market design

Following the work done in T1.1.1, and with the collaboration of the NRA involved at the project, this task will propose a novel market design with a minimum set of harmonized rules with the aim of making a non-discriminatory and transparent cross-border balancing and short-term wholesale markets. Based on the market design, technical requirements for a market platform will be designed and will serve as input for the technical specifications. The proposal will enable and enhance the participation of flexibility assets, facilitate electricity trading and promote future market coupling. Models for the determination of baseline and cross-checking/verification of flexibility activation for different time spans/markets will be defined and adapted for all involved countries. The use cases for the innovative orchestrated multi-nodal market platform will be defined and the integration and interoperability profiles will be defined. The technical specifications for the market platform will be defined following the loosely-coupled, distributed multi node peer-to-peer concept, where each market actor is an independent and fully autonomous participant (node) in the market platform. The novel market platform will be based in some of the most recent and advanced ICT technologies enabling orchestration of distributed multi-nodal systems.