Deliverable D5.2


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D5.2 Assessment of the combination of RES and storage alternatives under the Manager Energy for Hybrid Plants (ME4HP) and REDOX flow battery characterization

One of the purposes of the electricity storage systems in Hybrid RES power plants is to provide inertia to the nonsynchronous systems and also make the dynamic response compatible between systems. The usage of electricity storage system must be modelled in order to include energy balance in the total production of the plant, as well as to assess feasibility of other alternative configurations if required. The storage systems that will be considered are batteries and pumped-hydro storage. Static models will be used for electricity production estimations and determination of energy mix. While dynamic models will be developed to study the compatibility between systems and the mitigation of variable production. In addition, as part of this task a REDOX flow battery will be tested in a reference facility, in order to demonstrate its response to the requirements of a Hybrid Power plant