Deliverable D7.3


This section provides the publicly available CROSSBOW PROJECT outcomes in an order based on their publishing date. Please contact us in case you require further information.

D7.3 CROSSBOW Virtual Storage Plant Framework Development

This report describes the first version of the VSP framework together with the functionalities defined in the HLU 5, which will demonstrate the potential ancillary services and opportunities for participating into balancing market afforded by the VSP framework. The VSP architecture and functionalities are addressed in a formal way in this deliverable. Feasible control solutions for VSP distributed storage systems are obtained, which guarantees the required cross-border power transfer and desired voltage and frequency supports. Based on the presented concepts, the VSP framework to be implemented and tested in the HLU 5 is illustrated, along with the demonstration setup based on the physical network in the SGLab laboratory environment at UNIZG