Deliverable D19.3


This section provides the publicly available CROSSBOW PROJECT outcomes in an order based on their publishing date. Please contact us in case you require further information.

D19.3 CROSSBOW Contribution to standardization

The report aims to provide an overview of the existing standardization and regulatory framework at European level, emphasizing on specific issues at local, national level, by assessing the existing context in eight European countries. The analysis refers to current national standards and regulations in force, from the perspective of facilitating the acceptance and utilization of the CROSSBOW products and solutions by the specific markets. Based on the existing collaboration relationships between the main actors of the standardization system, briefly presented in the report, the CROSSBOW team developed a strategy to create an impact, using the products developed in the project. The contributions to the standardization system obtained by implementing the mentioned strategy can be grouped as follows: identifying the Technical Committees that are in charge of the activities of interest, creating awareness, accessing as a member in at least one TC of interest, and elaborating guidelines for fast and efficient access to the standardization system.