13 Dec

CROSSBOW again among the jury’s favourite practices of the ‘Good Practice of the Year 2021’ award

This year CROSSBOW has been selected again as one of the favourite practices of the 8th round of the annual ‘Good Practice of the Year’ award under the category “Technological Innovation & System Integration”. Thus, the project is part of the brochure ‘Good Practice of the Year 2021’.

02 Dec

CROSSBOW solutions to increase the power transfer of transmission network

Real-time (RT) and forecasted dynamic line rating (FDLR) for overhead lines module as part of the CROSSBOW Regional Operation Centre Balancing Cockpit (ROC-BC) aims to increase the power transfer of transmission network of the systems in the SEE region when compared against the current practice i.e. static line ratings (SLR).

06 Oct

CROSSBOW and TRINITY organise together an Energy Talk at the EUSEW 2021

CROSSBOW project participates at the Networking Village of the EU Sustainable Energy Week 2021 (EUSEW 2021), the biggest event dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe. This year’s EUSEW will take place online on 25-29 October 2021 and bring together leading professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts in the field.

09 Aug

Meet our partner KONČAR

KONČAR is a Croatian industry flagship: the largest Croatian electric equipment manufacturer, that celebrated its 100th anniversary in early 2021. The CROSSBOW partner is KONČAR – Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering (KONČAR-KET) which is the main engineering company of the KONČAR Group. KONČAR-KET has more than 40 years of

20 Jun

Solutions provided by the Regional Operation Centre Balancing Cockpit (ROC-BC)

The EU network code “Requirements for Generators” regulates the LFSM-O (Limited Frequency Sensitive Mode – Over-frequency). This mode is the basis for over-frequency protection (OFP) and refers to the effect achieved through turbine generators at certain over-frequencies to reduce the active power of production units, according to the given droop

03 Jun

CROSSBOW organises the conference “Managing cross-border renewable energy production and storage in transnational wholesale markets”

On 17 June, CROSSBOW organises the virtual conference “Managing CROSS-BOrder Renewable Energy Production and Storage in Transnational Wholesale Markets to Meet Climate Change Mitigation Targets” to  make public the results of this Horizon 2020 project. The event is organised by the Department of Business AdministrationNational and Kapodistrian University of Athens