12 Nov

Introducing pathways to relaxing regional cross-border power exchanges at MEDPOWER 2020

The 9th of November,  CROSSBOW project has participated in the online MEDPOWER 2020 conference by organising the panel session “CROSSBOW – pathways to relaxing regional cross-border power exchanges”.

03 Nov

Cross-border sharing of frequency restoration reserves

The cross-border interaction of different countries’ electricity systems should not be limited to exchanging energy. A key aspect in the secure operation of the European power system is the commitment of sufficient reserves to restore power balance, considering the inherent variability of continuously increasing renewable generation and large contingencies, such

30 Oct

CROSSBOW again among the jury’s favourite practices of the ‘Good Practice of the Year’ award

This 2020 CROSSBOW has been selected as one of the favourite practices of the 7th round of the annual ‘Good Practice of the Year’ award under the category “Technological Innovation & System Integration”. The jury was really impressed by CROSSBOW and the excellent collaboration, scope, and transferability which it demonstrates. Thus,

15 Jul

CROSSBOW Wholesale and Ancillary Market toolset outcomes


During the last couple of months, University of Ljubljana has been finishing the development of the algorithms required for the operation of the CROSSBOW Wholesale and Ancillary Market toolset (AM). The main functionalities and features were demonstrated to the CROSSBOW Consortium and a decentralized demonstration will follow towards the end

03 Jul

Virtual Storage Plant outcomes

The Virtual Storage Plant (VSP) of CROSSBOW project provides a platform promoting the usage of a large number of distributed storage technologies, which can be regarded as a buck energy storage system to be dispatched by the transmission system operators (TSO). The algorithms and methodologies, which enables VSP to provide