This page contains a list of dissemination actions performed by CROSSBOW PROJECT. This includes scientific workshops and conferences . Furthermore, it includes presentations of CROSSBOW PROJECT as part of industrial fairs and trade shows. If you are interested in getting regular updates on CROSSBOW PROJECT, join our user group today – as a benefit, you will get access to all papers and publications!

Workshops organised by CROSSBOW

CROSSBOW Regulatory and Market Workshop – Vienna 29/05/2018

The objective of the Workshop has been to provide an overview of the status of legislation and regulative framework and possible future developments on regional and national level, with focus on SEE region represented by the countries participating in CROSSBOW. This region, encompassing countries that are Member States of the EU and countries that are Contracting Parties of the Energy Community and at the same time, members of the Western Balkans 6 group, serves as an example of extension of frameworks, rules and practices that bring EU closer to the immediate SEE neighborhood. The SEE region and the Workshop objective is well in line with the extensive work of the Energy Community in this area, including the WB6 initiative. Therefore, the event was  an outstanding opportunity to exchange findings and experiences of representatives of the CROSSBOW Project, Energy Community, national Regulatory Bodies and other relevant stakeholders on existing regulatory frameworks and future developments of the region. It was also envisaged as the adequate environment for the user group members to provide comments and recommendations to project findings.