New videos to explain the CROSSBOW scenarios

31 Jan

New videos to explain the CROSSBOW scenarios 

CROSSBOW is evaluating the nine demo clusters (high-level use cases) until the end of the project; this includes the technical validation of the CROSSBOW products and the evaluation of the socio-economic impact of the project solutions and business models. Those demonstrations are measuring the impact of the CROSSBOW products in real conditions enabled by TSOs of the national electricity grid from 8 different countries (Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Serbia), as well as in Slovenia through a renewable energy cooperative.

To explain each scenario nine videos are being produced.

The first video launched presents the high-level use case “Transnational ancillary and wholesale market”. CROSSBOW proposes unified types of balancing services, dimensioning, procurement and settlement of balancing reserves and standard products. In addition, cross-border balancing principles for common usage of balancing reserve and exchange of balancing energy & imbalance netting are being demonstrated. A novel orchestrated multi-nodal market platform is being adopted and deployed, which will allow market players to integrate and interoperate on the distributed concepts with minimum set of harmonized technical and data requirements for market participation.

Watch it here