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01 Apr

New video: CROSSBOW scenarios “Cross-Border RES Management & Storage of RES production/output”

This video presents the scenarios (high-level use cases) of the CROSSBOW project “Cross-Border RES Management” and “Cross-Border Storage of RES Production/Output”. CROSSBOW demonstrates how to manage efficiently an scenario where the total share of Renewable Energy Sources  (RES) a country can handle (as a % of the total demanded production)

30 Mar

CROSSBOW hosted its Final User Group Workshop

On 30th  March, CROSSBOW celebrated its final conference in a hybrid format, with the in-person sessions hosted in Vienna. The event, co-organised by UKIM and ETRA with the support of the Energy Community (EnC), showcased the results of the CROSSBOW project, including use cases findings, impacts and barriers found.

15 Mar

New video: CROSSBOW scenario “Hybrid RES Dispatchable Plants”

This video presents the scenario (high-level use case) of the CROSSBOW project “Hybrid RES Dispatchable Plants”. CROSSBOW studies Hybrid Renewable Energy Sources (RES) plants with storage capability, hybridising with biomass to achieve 100 % renewable and sustainable energy and providing a stable and reliable power independently of meteorological circumstances. The

09 Mar

CROSSBOW-TRINITY workshop with SEleNe CC

On 10 March, SEleNe CC will participate in the online workshop “Innovation of Regional Security Coordinator services” organised by TRINITY and CROSSBOW projects. This internal event aims at presenting to SEleNe CC the high-potential EU-funded innovations developed by TRINITY and CROSSBOW H2020 projects.Afterwards, SEleNe CC will examine the most beneficial collaboration and particular

08 Mar

New video: CROSSBOW scenario “Regional Operation Centre”

This video presents the scenario (high-level use case) of the CROSSBOW project “Regional Operation Centre”. CROSSBOW demonstrates an integrated approach in the management and operation of the transmission network in South-Eastern Europe. The project extends the functionalities provided by the Regional Security Coordination Centre (RSC) operating in the region –

13 Dec

CROSSBOW again among the jury’s favourite practices of the ‘Good Practice of the Year 2021’ award

This year CROSSBOW has been selected again as one of the favourite practices of the 8th round of the annual ‘Good Practice of the Year’ award under the category “Technological Innovation & System Integration”. Thus, the project is part of the brochure ‘Good Practice of the Year 2021’.

02 Dec

CROSSBOW solutions to increase the power transfer of transmission network

Real-time (RT) and forecasted dynamic line rating (FDLR) for overhead lines module as part of the CROSSBOW Regional Operation Centre Balancing Cockpit (ROC-BC) aims to increase the power transfer of transmission network of the systems in the SEE region when compared against the current practice i.e. static line ratings (SLR).