World Energy Efficiency Day

05 Mar

World Energy Efficiency Day

On March 5, the international day of energy efficiency was celebrated throughout the world.   It is an opportunity for society to remind the importance of saving energy.

The main objective for this day is to explain the importance that reduction in energy consumption has for society.  It encourages a more sustainable society and renewable energy sources.  It also supports decision making in the use of more ecological transportation.

In CROSSBOW project, we are developing products related within saving energy. In particular, the Regional DSM integration platform (DSM-IP) will contribute to the enhancement of the energy efficiency of the regional TSOs.

With this product, CROSSBOW will propose a framework for the integration of Demand Side Management existing solutions into the regional Transport Network. The platform will enable the cooperation, between TSOs and DSOs, informing the amount of available energy from accessible controllable loads and the availability of services that can be offered from DSOs to TSOs.