Successful demonstrations in Serbia

26 Nov

Successful demonstrations in Serbia

A demonstration of the setting of the over-frequency protection in a protective device in the Wind Power Plants of Košava (Serbia) from the National Dispatching Centre Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition system was successfully performed by the CROSSBOW partners involved in the Regional Operation Centre.

This demonstration proved that it is possible to activate/deactivate certain protection functions on a remote basis (from the control centre) in real-time, which is another innovation created within CROSSBOW project.

Several technical solutions (TS) have been recognized and elaborated which can be used to establish an OFP system without LFSM-O.
1. Disconnecting of the production unit by the local protective device switching (TS1)
2. Disconnecting of the production unit by remote command of the centralized system of OFP (TS2)
3. Reduction of production of a generation unit by a remotely determined setpoint (TS3)

The EU network code “Requirements for Generators” regulates the LFSM-O (Limited Frequency Sensitive Mode – Over-frequency). This mode is the basis for over-frequency protection (OFP) and refers to the effect achieved through turbine generator at certain over-frequencies to reduce active power of production units, according to the given droop settings. On the other hand, the network code “Emergency and Restoration” allows for the OFP to be introduced alternatively by an automatic over-frequency control scheme.