CROSSBOW at the Western Balkans Energy Transition event of FES SOE

10 May

CROSSBOW at the Western Balkans Energy Transition event of FES SOE

On 12 May, CROSSBOW participates in the second online briefing “Western Balkans Energy Transition: Evaluating the present for a brighter future” held by Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES SOE).

The event will introduce part of the team and show the region’s intellectual capacities for the energy transition while learning about regional cooperation in Southeast Europe.

Namely, through innovation and technology, shared use of resources at the regional level can foster cross-border management and higher penetration of clean energy sources.

During the events, participants will consider where the region stands when it comes to regulation for the digitalization of the energy sector and related risks. Because examples and role models matter, FES will turn to the Republic of North Macedonia-a champion country in reforming its energy legislation, whether it is being among the first to submit the National energy and climate plans (NECPs) draft or to push for the adoption of historic Law on Climate Action.

The link to register for this event is already available:…/tJMvd-6qqDgoHdCH1VzbQ5UP5Hh48tjDR4Hm

This event is the second part of the online briefing organized by FES SOE. The first one took place on 6 May to discuss energy transition, 6 months after the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans adoption and ahead of the EU’s Fit for 55 package.