The Minister of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania meets CROSSBOW project

27 Mar

The Minister of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania meets CROSSBOW project

The Minister of Energy of the Republic of Lithuania, Žygimantas Vaičiūnas, showed his interested in the CROSSBOW project during the PCI Energy Days celebrated on 19th-20th in Brussels and organized by the European Commission.

The Minister visited the exhibition area of CROSSBOW project at the PCI Energy Days, where its team presented him the benefits, products and scenarios of one of the most relevant innovation projects of the European Union in the Smart Grids sector.

This event provided CROSSBOW with the opportunity to showcase its developments and experience on how to foster cross-border management of variable renewable energies and storage units, enabling a higher penetration of clean energies whilst reducing network operational costs and improving economic benefits of clean energies and storage units. These benefits will be achieved by fostering regional cooperation among the system operators in South Eastern Europe. The impact of this work will be demonstrated across 8 European countries (Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia). In order to facilitate the crosssite assessment of the performance, transferability and scalability of CROSSBOW results, the demonstrations will be conducted following 9 high level use cases (HLU).

In this case, CROSSBOW also shared booth with  WiseGRID project, one of its relevant EU project.

Also, Catharina Sikow, Head of Unit Trans-European Energy Networks of the European Commission, and Andreas Boschen, Head of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Department at the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) met in detail the project.