Impact of the COVID 19 outbreak on the BRIDGE projects

25 Jun

Impact of the COVID 19 outbreak on the BRIDGE projects

During the European Sustainable Energy Week 2020 (EUSEW), CROSSBOW together with other BRIDGE projects participated in the session “Smart grids and flexibility markets: status of demonstrators and effect of COVID-19 on the demo operation and results”.

Organized by the Regulation Working Group of the BRIDGE initiative, the session presented clear examples of how the current COVID-19 crisis has impacted the research activities of the H2020 projects exploring new flexibility market mechanisms and tools for the smart grid operation.

Manuel Serrano, project manager of CROSSBOW, presented the current status of the project impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

As he explained, from the nine products of CROSSBOW offering to the Transmission System Operators only two have not suffered a direct impact because the COVIS-19 crisis. CROSSBOW Wholesale and Ancillary Market toolset (AM) and Wide Area Monitoring and Awareness System are the basis of other products and were already deployed by the end of 2019. Even the rest of the products have faced different troubles and it has required extra effort to keep them in track, none of the CROSSBOW solutions are in risk and they will be demonstrated.

Basically, the crisis impacted CROSSBOW in three different manners: unavailability of critical resources, restrictions to visit other countries or even the demonstration premises and difficulties to engage third parties.

Besides, he presented the countermeasures implemented and lessons learned during this period.

CROSSBOW team considers that the Energy Transition can be affected by the crisis in terms of new demand patterns, need for more resilient and self-healing grids and new mobility patterns.

Watch the video of the session below.