#EU and ME and #CleanEnergy

29 Nov

The European Commission has launched a campaign under the name of  “#EU and Me”, which aims at sharing “things that Europeans are passionate about” such as clean energy or climate action.

The platform provides as many sections as passions. One of them is “MY PLANET. MY LIFE. Make a difference in the fight against climate change”, where the European Union shows to visitors its investment and compromises on sustainable mobility, low carbon economy, renewables, energy efficiency, smart energy, etc.

EU regulations require countries to invest in renewable energy, and car manufacturers working in Europe must take drastic action to reduce the emissions of their cars and vans, in line with EU law. But the EU is also taking action in my local town – from funding new eco-friendly technologies and transport, to preparing local communities for the reality of climate change.

Thus, EU shows how it’s taking an ambitious approach to protecting our planet through its commitment to the targets set in the Paris Agreement.

The initiative allows also to connect people interested in this subject while creating a community around and sharing knowledge and environmental awareness through Twitter.