CROSSBOW visits Red Eléctrica de España

03 Feb

CROSSBOW visits Red Eléctrica de España

Representatives of CROSSBOW project have visited Red Eléctrica de España (TSO)as part of the first consortium meeting of the 2020, which took place between 30-31 January at the University Carlos III of Madrid. The event, hosted by the partner COBRA, allowed the consortium to discuss some key aspects of the developments reached so far and the mind milestones ahead

Indeed, CROSSBOW has headed its midpoint which means preliminary deployment and demonstration plan must be ready in the coming months, as well as, the second version of all prototypes.

As a crucial stage of the project, partners worked in parallel sessions to progress towards the different sub-Projects such as: Power transmission and flexibility services for the control of large scale generation (SP2); large scale storage solutions (SP3); ICT technologies and demand response schemas (SP4); and transnational energy markets (SP5).

Also, a seminar focus on the industrial part of the project has organised, where the industrial partners (Grupo ETRA, COBRA and ELPROS) of the project explained CROSSBOW’s portfolio products and how they will be marketed.

The second day meeting started with two parallel sessions the visit to Red Eléctrica de España, the sole transmission agent and operator (TSO) of the Spanish electricity system, and with a session to prepare the next workshop on “Flexibility Markets of Future and TSO-DSO cooperation”,co-organised by the European Commission, which will take place 13/02 in Brussels.

The event concluded by kicking off the work plan “Technical evaluation and socioeconomic impact assessment”.