Towards the EU energy transition: Key priorities for the next five years

10 Jul

Towards the EU energy transition: Key priorities for the next five years

After the European Elections 2019 (23-26 may), the new members of the European Parliament and European Commission should start working on putting in place major policy elements to unleash the energy transition. Time to tackle the key priorities for the next five years.

In this sense, European energy policy experts have published the article “The European Union energy transition: key priorities for the next five years”, which gathers four priorities up to 2024 to foster the energy transition.

“A full-fledged energy transition is becoming economically and technically feasible, with most of the necessary technologies now available and technology costs declining. The cost of the transition would be similar to that of maintaining the existing system, if appropriate policies and regulations are put in place. The transition can also be socially acceptable, if the right policies are put in place to control and mitigate the distributional effects of deeper decarbonisation “as presents the publication.

According the authors, political capital is – as always – limited, but four priorities are crucial to foster the EU energy transition:

Priority 1. Adopt tranformative policies to decarbonise the transport sector

Priority 2. Get the electricity system ready for a substantial increase of renewables

Priority 3. Strengthen the EU comparative advantage in low-carbon technologies

Priority 4. Foster decarbonisation in industry and buildings

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