6th International Women4Energy Conference, 07/12/2018. -

On 7th December 2018, the 6th Women4Energy Conference will take place in Stuttgart.

This year’s conference will focus on “Energy in Smart Cities” giving insights on energy-related platforms, trends and best practices. During the morning sessions we will focus on keynotes and the afternoon will offer three parallel sessions in which female energy experts will have the chance to present their research results and technology solutions as well as business ideas in the field of “Energy in Smart Cities”.

The sessions will cover the following topics:

  • Sustainable Energy Production
  • Energy Efficient Buildings in Smart Cities – New Trends
  • Urban Energy Solutions

Again, this year’s conference will give insights on global energy challenges, information about future trends and market needs. The participants will have the chance to expand their network by getting in touch with female experts in science and entrepreneurship in all energy-related fields.

The conference will offer the possibility to book bilateral meetings in advance.

Be part of the parallel sessions and present your research results and technology solutions! For more information click here.

The conference reaches out to all female professionals working in energy-related innovation to:

  • Create new business ideas and technology solutions for the energy market
  • Generate and discuss new business models to get energy solutions to market
  • Encourage innovative business creation in the energy sector, and
  • Facilitate market entry for innovative energy technologies, processes and services.

Use the various opportunities for networking and knowledge exchange and become part of the Women4Energy Network.

Register now! The conference is free of charge for all participants.

Find more information about how to book the bilateral meetings HERE.