Main outputs in 2019

Many new achievements for CROSSBOW project during the last year. A lot of work done so far to reach our main goals!

• Successful culmination of the architecture and modelling work packages, where data models, standards and interoperability issues have been analysed identifying the critical tipping-points defining a solid architecture to build CROSSBOW’s product and environment.

• The first version of the product prototypes has been delivered in 2019. The development process is structructured in a number of monthly sprints with two main iterations. The project has completed the first iteration and has faced the preliminar trials.

• End of integrated ecosystem lab testing where some initial features were deployed and tested for all CROSSBOW Products, such as real-time data reception and processing or user-friendly data visualization.

• Large advances on the deployment of all the technologies at each of the cluster pilots, ensuring that they will be ready by May 2020. The first version of the products will initiate a first round of demonstrations in January 2020, deploying and validating the most critical use cases.

• Demonstration planning took place in late 2019 in order to move the project into the field and start the demonstration phase, where CROSSBOW tools will be demonstrated all across the 8 pilot countries.

Chosen to participate in the

PCI Energy Days

In December, CROSSBOW has been chosen as one of the H2020 project to be part of the PCI Energy Days exhibition area in Brussels. The project exploitable results could help on implementing cross-border energy infrastructure in the EU.

First time at the EU Utility Week 2019

In November CROSSBOW took part of the exhibition floor of the EU Funded Projects Zone at the EU Utility Week 2019 in Paris but also participated in different panel sessions.  

This initiative was endorsed by the European Commission and aimed at showcasing the research and findings of projects focusing at supporting the energy transition.

CROSSBOW was identified by the EU Commission as being very relevant and appropriate to participate in this zone. 

CROSSBOW among the jury's favourite practices of the ‘Good Practice of the Year’ award


Latest workshop organised

 “Operational and Market Challenges in Connected Power Systems with Increased Share of Renewables” was the title of the workshop organised by some partners of CROSSOW in Skopje (North Macedonia) last October 2019.



“From deregulation to regional coordination-Changing roles of TSOs” 

It was the title of the panel session at the 2019 IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies Europe (ISGT-Europe), in which CROSSBOW has participated. The event took place at Polytechnica University of Bucharest (Romania) in September.

Participating in the 16th EU Energy Market Conference 

 In September, coinciding with the 16th European Energy Market Conference (EEM 2019) in Ljubljana, CROSSBOW celebrated there its second consortium meeting of the year.

During the event the project showcased its strategic goals and outcomes related with Energy Market. But also, two of the products were presented: the Wide Area Monitoring and Awareness System (WAMAS) and the Wholesale and Ancillary Market toolset (AM). 

Presentation video of CROSSBOW is out 


hosted the 1st CROSSBOW’s review meeting

In July, CROSSBOW project organised its first Review Meeting in Constanta (Romania), where the partners visited the pilot site located at the CEZ 600MW wind farm. The Fantanele-Cogealac Wind Farm consist in wind generation assets connected to the transmission level in Romania, situated in the province of Dobruja, only 17 kilometres from the shore of the Black Sea. This site is part of the demo in the Black Sea Corridor within the Scenario HLU2 “Cross-Border RES Management”.



TSO driven project?

CROSSBOW is defined like a truly cross border TSO driven project since its objectives (which are fully aligned with those of LCE-04-2017), cannot be achieved through technology driven, silo-like single nation demonstrations. In CROSSBOW TSOs, as final users, are complemented and supported by different actors of the distribution grid and energy wholesale market. This is why the 8 TSOs in CROSSBOW have a leading role and each one of its 9 demonstrations involves several technologies and at least TSOs from 3 countries.

 The Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Ljubljana University (UL), partner within CROSSBOW project, is leading the Subproject call “Transnational wholesale energy market”.

Tomi Medved, senior researcher of the Faculty, explains in detail the role of the entity in this VIDEO.


PCI Energy Days, 3-4 December in Brussels

RGI Best Practice Fair20 November in Brussels

EU Utility Week12-14 November in Paris

24th National Conference “Energy and Development 2019”, 21 November in Athens

14th BH K CIGRÉ Conference, 20 October in Bosnia and Herzegovina 

CROSSBOW Workshop, 17 October in Skopje

IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies EU29 September in Bucharest

UE Researchers Night in Serbia, 27 September in Belgrade 

 16th European Energy Market Conference (EEM 2019), 20 September in Ljubljana 

18-22/02/2020 Zabljak (Montenegro): 24th INT conference on ICT technologies

29-30/04/2020 Madrid (Spain): 34th Madrid Forum

22-26/06/2020 Brussels (Belgium): EU Sustainable Energy Week

25-26/06/2020 Thessaloniki (Greece): 12th SE Europe Energy Dialogue Conference 


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